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Serving King , Pierce & Snohomish Counties for over ten years and we stand behind our work with a lifetime warranty

With over a million satisfied customers it's easy to see why you should get your chips fixed ASAP
by your local windshield repair pros call us today!

Getting your windshield repaired can be a free service to you! Call us today and we'll explain how this
works. One of our friendly repair techs will also explain to you the difference of a replacement vs a repair.

We can fix starburst chips with multiple small cracks using a special formulated thin resin.

We can fix small cracks up to 12 inches with a special formulated resin that fills and prevents future spreading.

Why fix your chip or small cracks right away? Beyond the obvious of eliminating a potential replacement which takes 1 to 2 hours plus a heavy hit to your wallet and the environment. Your chip or crack will clear up or
become 25 percent more transparent when you fix them right away.

It's Fast and Easy and Chip Repairs take 5 to 10 minutes and most Small Crack Repairs can be done inside of 15 Minutes!

Give us a call today or feel free to submit your contact information.

Drive up to one of our many service promotion sites call for details of location and times.

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Windshield Repairs are Fast and Easy takes 5 to 10 minutes problem solved!

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ASAP Windshield Repair

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